Modified Hyperbolic DCA (‘M-Hyp-DCA’) is the most widely used method in oil and gas production forecasting. The main goal of production forecasting is to get the EUR, which is highly sensitive to parameters used in forecasting. The table below lists the parameters used in M-Hyp-DCA:   To understand “EUR sensitivity” in response to the…Continue Reading “What Is The Most Important Parameter in Calculating EUR?”

There are ways to save millions and billions of dollars in oil and gas acquisition and divestment projects. Here are some tips that, based on my experience, can change the value of a project significantly: Always forecast production volumes for oil, gas, and water separately (GOR, CGR, and WC are changing in time) on Standard…Continue Reading “Save billions in acquisition & divestment using these “Decem Rules!””

There is a trend for pumping bigger completions. Is bigger always better? The answer is “No!” Increasing completion size (more prop/ft, fluid/ft with more clusters) theoretically should increase the recovery to a certain point, which beyond that, it will only accelerate the recovery. Critical Completion Design “CCD” is defined as the point that EUR enhancement…Continue Reading “Big Completion Jobs are Not Always Better!”