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Reserves and Economics Summary

Well Count 25
Oil Reserves (MMbbl) 0.45
NGL Reserves (MMbbl) 1.35
Gas Reserves (Bcf) 118.06
Reserves (MMboe) 22.21
Investment ($MM) 0.00
NPV10 ($MM) 150.40

NPV Tables

Discount (%) NPV ($MM)
0 295.2
8 165.4
10 150.4
12 138.4
15 124.4
20 96.4
25 78.4
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The most intelligent engine designed by Petroleum Engineers

  • Artificial Intelligence combined with advanced petroleum engineering analysis techniques
  • Comprehensive modular software package
  • Standardizes the A&D, Bus Dev and prospect analysis processes
  • Increases the quality of the analysis and removes bias
  • Gives engineers the time to focus on more technical analysis
  • Less data entry and manipulation and more data science
  • Reduces cycle times by over 10X – from days/weeks to hours
  • Tested on over 100,000 well samples

Well Performance Analysis and Optimization in Minutes

  • Completion & Well Spacing Optimization
  • Type Curve
  • Value Maps
  • Reserves & Economics
  • Well Performance Diagnostics
  • Full field drilled-out valuation

Legendary Intellectuals

Dr. John Lee Professor at Texas A&M University

• SPEE Honorary Life Member 2017
• Member, National Academy of Engineering
• Recipient of SPE DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal
• Recipient of AIME/SPE Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal
• AIME/SPE Honorary Member

Dr. Christine Ehlig-Economides Professor at University of Houston

• Member of the National Academy of Engineering
• Recipient of SPE Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal
• Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty, and Lester C. Uren, Innovative Teaching, and Formation Evaluation Awards

Anh Duong Principal Reservoir Engineer

• Developer of Duong Method Decline Curve (SPE 137748)
• 35-year service award from ConocoPhillips (1980-2015)


Armand Paradis Partner & Lead Reservoir Engineer

10 Years of Experience in Reservoir Engineering and Programming

Jeremy Gottlieb Partner & CSO

11 Years of Experience in Corporate Finance and Strategy

Sara Bruner Product Development Manager

8 Years of Experience in Reservoir Engineering

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